Arrêt serveur et nouveau patch ce 17/11

Ecrit par Rascar Tapakh, le 17-11-2009

Pour rester fidèle aux traditions, une nouvelle coupure serveur aura lieu ce jour de 12h00 à 14h00.
Maintenance serveur et nouveau patch au programme dont vous trouverez les détails ci-après in ze Shakespeare façon to speak :


* A number of patch notes in the previous build did not go live with the last patch. They are reflected here.
    * The tailor should no longer make changes to your character without your knowledge or consent.

Patch Note Topics

    * General
    * Missions and Content
    * Crafting
    * Character Creator


    * The Blood Moon audio should no longer play throughout the game.

Missions and Content

    * Powerhouse Laser emanation points have been fixed. Additionally, lasers in the Monster Island and Lemuria Powerhouses are appropriately stronger than the ones in previous Powerhouses.

Canadian Wilderness

    * Dangerous Collusions: The courier was spawning improperly depending on when his attendants were killed. He will now spawn regardless of his attendants’ statuses.

Millennium City

    * Lotsa Green Army Men: Scientists now give credit as soon as they are rescued instead of when they exit the map.


    * Draysha Showdown: With two or less players, only one robot spawns in the final room. Two robots will spawn for three or more players.


    * Enhancements should once again show stat information at crafting vendors.

Costume Creator/Tailor

    * If editing an existing costume, the tailor will go straight to the custom sliders instead of the presets. This will prevent a condition that was causing unwarranted changes to be made to your character when entering the tailor.

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