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Patch du 10 décembre 2009

Ecrit par Coxie, le 10-12-2009

En attendant que je trouve le courage d'en effectuer la traduction, voici déjà le contenu du patch note d'aujourd'hui dans la langue de Shakespeare.


Hot Issues

    * High-end crafting component costs have been reduced.
    * A number of Male costume pieces have been added to the Female costume part list.

User Interface and Chat

    * The confirmation window that appears when changing crafting schools now makes it more clear that changing specializations within a school will reset your crafting level to 1.
    * The Purchase Power UI should no longer give an untranslated error message for the Pro Tips.
    * Items can now be sent in the mail UI via the context menu.
    * Logging in to a character will now correctly set the status message of your character for both player search and the friends list.
    * Chat channels should no longer show themselves as having zero users in them.


    * Redemption: Animation should now always occur correctly.


    * Two Gun Mojo: Animation no longer gets interrupted when moving left to right too quickly.


    * Divine Renewal: Animation will now be interrupted correctly when attacked.

Missions and Content


    * Barbarians at the Gate: Fixed bug where critters could get stuck and prevent further waves from spawning.
    * Blank and Stein's Monster: Fixed bug where Damage Over Time powers could kill Dr. Blank before he finished his transformation.
    * Minding the Mutants: Mission now fails properly if the mutant is not delivered before time expires.
    * Neutronium Nightmare: This missions should no longer becomes stuck if the player fails to pick up mission drop after defeating the Neutronium Thief.

Monster Island

    * Proclamations of the Lawgiver: Removed “This item grants a mission” data since this mission is granted by Father Elk.
    * Raptor Rush: Mission now lasts the full 20 waves and requires 60 raptor defeats.
    * Secret Manimal Den: Rescued manimal now pauses at secret door instead of clipping through it.


    * It Hurts When I Do This: Fixed scientist AI so they give credit quicker and avoid pathfinding issues.


    * Nemesis Confrontation: There should no longer be any missing geometry in the Lair.
    * Nemesis Confrontation: Improved quality and performance for low-end graphics cards.
    * Nemesis minion ambushes should now be correctly targeted.


    * The VF-7 ‘Torchie’ Flamethrower and U-BKL Firesnake Flame Rifle now correctly apply “Clinging Flames”.


    * Crafting component costs for all Blue and Purple quality fixed stat gear have been recalculated. Most Primary quality Upgrades now require far lower economic value of components to create. Most Secondary quality Upgrades are slightly more expensive. Overall, creating high end upgrades should be easier and more affordable for crafters now.
    * Several Blueprints that had incorrect scales of components were also fixed (Primary quality Upgrades that only took Secondary Upgrade quantities of components to craft).
    * Fixed a bug that was causing recipes to be unlearnable at their required skill level.
    * Epiphanies/Insights/Profundities are now correctly tagged as Components so that they get displayed in the crafting UI when set to sort by slot.

Costume Creator/Tailor

    * Added the following Female Parts to match existing Male Parts:
    * HANDS: Armor Gauntlet, Armor Sleek, Armor Scalloped w/ Claws, Ancient Mystical Claw, 2 Fingers.
    * BACK: Backpack Tech, Rocket Pack Stealth
    * FEET: Armor Knight, Scalloped w/ Claws, Simian, 2 Toes
    * MOUTH: Armored Chin Square, Armored Chin Slim, Armored Mouth Guard, Armored Jaw Hinged, Armored Ventilator, Mask Wrapped, Helmet Grill, Tentacles
    * EYE: Eye Plate Visor Robotic, Eye Plate Visor Wired, Eye Plate Robotic, Goggles High Tech
    * EYE ACCESSORY: Glasses Round
    * ARM ACCESSORY: Spikes Meandering, Armor Bolted, Armor Chitin, Shackle
    * LEG ACCESSORY: Armor Bolted, Knight Plate
    * HIPS WEAR: Subligar: Knight
    * TOP ACCESSORY: Knight Helmet Fin
    * SIDE ACCESSORY: Ear Caps, Horns Ornamental

[b]Hero Games

    * Zombie Apocalypse: Games will now start with two zombie players instead of one if there are enough players queued to fill the map.
    * ”Fatty” Zombie: “Om nom nom” hold power is now prevented by blocking.

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