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State Of the Game 9 février

Ecrit par Coxie, le 10-02-2010

Aprés nous avoir annoncé la bonne nouvelle du jour concernant la gratuité de la future extension, Cryptic nous fait un petit point sur l'état du jeu et les nouveautés et autres changements à venir.

On y apprend entre autre qu'ils vont faire des efforts de communication car autant ils n'étaient pas avares en discussion avant la sortie du jeu en lançant 10 news par jour, autant depuis quelques mois c'était plutôt silence radio au QG des Champions. A suivre maintenant pour voir si les promesses seront tenues.


We have a lot going on right now both at Cryptic, and with Champions Online in particular. There are huge changes afoot, and rather than spend a lot of time with the preamble, let’s sink our collective teeth into the meat of the matter.

Scrubbing the Kitchen Sink

As we all know, the Kitchen Sink patch had numerous issues that made it onto Live. The reasons for this boil down to two key areas:

Things That Used to Work Stopped Working:

Basically, there were changes to the core code that automatically merged with our older code and we didn’t see all of the effects of these before they went Live. Token changes, for example, caused a lot of things to stop working properly in Champions. We use tokens for a lot of things in Champions and when the token system was recently optimized, it caused any token-based missions to stop working properly - namely UNITY and Patrol missions. There was also the AI fixes which were made which affected the attack rates of every enemy in the game that slipped past us all.

Lack of Comprehensive Testing

There were only a few players on during the time the Kitchen Sink Patch was on the Public Test Shard, and we simply didn’t allocate enough QA testers. There were so many issues we were anxious to address, that our desire to get fixes out to the players as soon as possible completely backfired. There are truly an astonishing amount of changes in this patch, and we simply should have spent more time testing them before pushing the build Live.

Moving forward, our updates will spend more time in internal test before going to the Public Test Shard. We’ve already increased the size of our Champions QA group, and the designers have been playing much more on the internal servers. We are also much more aware of the changes coming into the core game engine through other projects and have taken steps to increase communication internally to avoid being surprised by those changes.

Currently, we’re putting new builds up on the Public Test Shard, addressing the current reported issues with the Kitchen Sink patch. If you’d like to help us make sure we’re getting it all, play on the PTS and provide us your feedback in this thread.

Improving Communications

We’ve had a real failure with communicating to our community over the past couple of months. You’ve been vocal about it, and we hear you. In fact, we’ve taken some pretty big steps to fixing this, and I wanted to share our goals with you to address this. There are a lot of things we used to do that fell by the wayside, and now that we have StormShade back on the team full-time, we’re going to be bringing back a lot of the things you have always told us you look forward to seeing and hearing:

Ask Cryptic

Bi-weekly posting by the developers answering your questions as compiled by StormShade.

GM Blog

A general support-oriented Blog where our Game Masters discuss what's being done to address your concerns, talk about bug status, and so on.

Developer Chat

A monthly live IRC chat with developers from the Champions Online team.

State of the Game

Bi-weekly posting by me (Chronomancer) to provide insight into the high-level vision for the Champions Online universe and address hot-button issues.

Game with Cryptic

We’re putting together a new all-company supergroup so you can find us in the game and share adventures. We’re also going to do more PVP events so you can pit your skills in The Hero Games against the devs!

The Champions Universe

Add more Champions Fiction to the website on a monthly basis.

New Fan Art

Post new Fan Art to the website on a monthly basis.

New Screenshots

Post new screenshots for use by community sites on a regular basis.

New Wallpaper

Post new wallpaper images for use by community sites on a regular basis.

Developer Special Features

Everything from what builds we use to tips on how to get through Lairs to, well, whatever we can come up with so you can see how we see the game.

Website Overhaul

The Star Trek site is awesome, and next up for the web team is an overhaul of the Champions Online web page. We can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves!

You can also expect to see a greater presence in the forums by the developers overall. We’ve been really nose down working on the game for quite a while, but we recognize the need to stick our heads up and at least just say hello!

Champions Online - Revelation

In my last State of the Game, I talked about how we’re adding a whole new area to Champions Online. The expansion formerly known as Vibora Bay (always our working title) has a new, more descriptive name: Champions Online – Revelation. The half-angel / half-demon Therakiel is bent on bringing forth the end times. Now, it is up to you to join a team of the greatest heroes the world has ever known to stop him.

We’ve had continuous discussions for many weeks regarding the Revelation expansion and how it should be delivered to our community. I am very glad to announce that while we built Revelation to the quality and expectations of a paid expansion pack, we are making it available for FREE to our players.

Revelation represents some of the best work to date on Champions. The expansion features an epic storyline filled with noble heroes and terrifying villains and is set in stunning new environments. We've incorporated many suggestions from the community as what they want from the game - new game play areas, new powers, new rewards, and greater challenges are just some of the additions.

I'd like to reassure everyone we consider Revelation to be of a quality and quantity that is very worthy of a price tag. It is still legitimate expansionary content, the same as it was designed to be. But our community means everything to us and we’re incredibly excited to be able to get this massive update out to you all.

We're working on a full package of Revelation screen shots, write-ups, item and costume descriptions and images, a teaser video, and much more that will be released very soon. Revelation is designed for levels 37 – 40 and will have an all new, absolutely staggering level 40 repeatable Lair with all new high-end rewards for our most experienced players.

See you online, Champions!

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