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State of The Game : S.E

Ecrit par Coxie, le 20-02-2010

Un State of the Game spécial cette semaine pour nous donner quelques news sur ce qui se prépare dans les jours qui viennent.

En résumé:

Une nouvelle soirée World vs Cryptic est prévue le 26 février. Si vous avez loupé la précédente, profitez des quelques jours qu'il vous reste pour peaufiner vos builds afin de faire tomber l'équipe de Dev en PvP. Cette soirée pour nous se déroulera dans la nuit du 26 au 27 février. 1h00-4h00).

Révélation, l'extension payante devenue gratuite devrait être sur le server Test dés la semaine prochaine pour une exploitation en live à la mi-mars.

Une page dédiée sur le site officiel est en préparation pour nous présenter Vibora Bay et tout ce qui le compose.


Just jumping on during lunch to put out a short What's in the Pipeline Update. We're rolling out a bunch of new stuff over the next few weeks, and in the spirit of keeping you all in the loop on what's happening as soon as we figure it out... here you go!
Kitchen Sink Scrub LIVE Next Week

We’ve been squashing all the bugs, making sure the attack speed issue is addressed, and generally taking industrial strength cleaners to the Kitchen Sink patch on the Play Test Shard the past week or so. We’re prepping our release candidate for a good weekend soaking on PTS and then we’re looking to push it out to LIVE next week. The guys are working on comprehensive patch notes now so you know what’s fixed, what’s still in progress, and what’s up next in terms of bug fixes.
Developer PvP Event

We’re going to put on the gloves and give you another shot at taking down the developers in some PVP action on the LIVE servers next Friday, February 26th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. PST. We’ll also be debuting our new developer supergroup, The Cryptonauts, so you don’t want to miss out on this one.
Revelation Coming to PTS

The expansion is going to start phase one of external test next week on the Public Test Shard. We’re really excited to get it out there for our dedicated community test team to take it to task, so ready a level 37 hero to face the challenges of Vibora Bay!
Revelation LIVE in Mid-March

We’re currently planning on about a 3-week test period on PTS for Revelation, which means we’ll be pushing it to the LIVE servers in the middle of March. So you won’t have too long to wait until you can face down the Apocalypse!
Revelation Web Page

We’re in the process of pulling all of the assets together for our Champions Online – Revelation page on the web site. This includes screen shots, teaser video, Vibora Bay lore, significant heroes and villains, new items, new costumes, new perks, and a peek inside the level 40 repeatable end-game area, Therakiel’s Lair. We know you have a lot of questions in terms of exactly what is in Revelation, so this will be up absolutely as soon as we get all the assets together and the web team can whip up the page.

See you online, heroes!

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