State of the Game : 23 février

Ecrit par Coxie, le 24-02-2010

B.Ropper "Chronomancer", nous fait son petit bilan habituel sur l'état du jeu en nous parlant des choses à venir rapidement ou à plus long terme.

En voici en résumé rapide les points importants, (le post complet en anglais suivant juste aprés):

  • La page dédiée à Révélation, l'extension à venir, devrait être mise en ligne sur le site off cette semaine.
    • Cette page nous présentera le contenu pour les niveaux 37-40.
    • Les 6 nouvelles compétences de tier 4 du jeu
    • Le donjon Therakiel
    • Les nouveaux pas beaux vilains : Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz, and Nephilim!
    • Les nouveaux Perks disponibles (plus de 30)
    • Des nouveaux éléments de costumes à débloquer
  • En dehors des infos sur Révélation, nous apprenons qu'il y aura également à moyen terme des "packs aventure" qui devraient être des missions à thème, accessibles à tous les joueurs de tous niveaux.
  • Cryptic à enfin monté son super-groupe "The Cryptonauts " que nous pourrons retrouver en PvP régulièrement le vendredi.
  • Des évènements devraient être mis en place de manière mensuelle pour jouer avec ou contre le staff de Cryptic en plus des rencontre PvP du vendredi


Greetings, Champions!

We’re getting out a lot of changes and information this week, and it’s exciting times around Champions HQ. The feedback we’ve been getting on the Public Test Shard has been incredible, and a great help in our tracking down every bug we can. We’re also going to be putting Revelation up for first testing this week, so we’re expecting the continued input from our players.
Revelation Revealed

We’re launching the Champions Online – Revelation web page this week, and it’s going to be chalk-filled with information. Highlights include:
Brand New Level 37-40 Content

Experience an in credibl;e new 5-hero Lair and join forces with new heroes as the picturesque Vibora Bay falls sway to the half-angel, half-demon Therakiel.

Six all-new Tier 4 powers to improve and strengthen your heroic efforts.
Therakiel's Temple

Group up with your friends to conquer our most challenging Lair yet.
Making Enemies

Find and battle five new groups of dangerous enemies; Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz, and Nephilim!
New Perks

Over 30 new perks with dozens of new ways to achieve them, including more ways to complete existing ones.
New Costumes

Not only is there a complete Post-Apocalyptic costume set, but there’s also a bolted ring belt, tribal body paint textures, crocodile skin textures, the long mullet and more! And of course, plenty of other great unlockable costume pieces available, too.
Adventure Packs

Our focus in the near term will be on creating adventure packs that can be experienced by heroes at nearly any level. We want to put out new stories and experiences that as many players as possible can experience and that also provide alternate ways to grow your hero. These are very themed in story and will be set all around the Champions universe and feature villains both new and established.
Rise of the Cryptonauts

Our super-group has been formed and we’ve been posing for some photos in our brand-new gear. We’ll be posting info and images of The Cryptonauts in the forums, as well as our Friday PVP agenda.
Monthly In-Game Events

We’ll be seeing you all for some PvP action this Friday, but we’re going to be planning other events, as well. With Therakiel’s Lair opening up in a few weeks, this is a great opportunity for us to watch you play and even throw down against evil with you. We’ll announce dates and times of upcoming developer events as they happen!

See you online, Heroes!

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