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Ask Cryptic du 9 juilllet

Ecrit par Coxie, le 10-07-2010

Le retour du jeu des questions/réponses des joueurs à l'équipe de dev. Rien de révolutionnaire d'annoncé pour les semaines qui viennent, les dev ont bien choisi leurs questions....qui (cela ne regarde bien sûr que moi) sont sans intérêt.

A ce rythme là, on devrait bientôt savoir quels sont les plats surgelés préférés de l'équipe de dev, si ils ont prévu de mettre des poignées rondes et non carrées aux portes des différents QG et enfin pourquoi le pistolet à 3 coups peut en tirer 4.

Quelques idées en vrac ressorties :
-Il n'est pas prévu d'ajouter la possibilité de pouvoir créer des héros à 4 bras.. et donc encore moins 8 donc oubliez votre réplique d'Octopus.
-Il n'est pas prévu pour l'instant de permettre aux joueurs d'endosser le rôle d'un vilain, cependant il n'est pas impossible que les dev se penche sur l'idée un jour.
-Les évènements comme ceux d'Halloween ou de l'Attaque des jouets malicieux devraient être renouvelés.

Bref espérons que le prochain ASk nous parle un peu du prochain pack d'aventures initialement prévu pour fin Août.

Les questions/réponses complètes en anglais ci-dessous:


We opened the floor to questions from you about Champions Online's general future. Today, we're pleased to share our answers. Read on to learn more about Champions Online.

Nazera: Have you completed ruled out the idea of allowing players to create 4-armed characters?

A: There are no plans to allow players to create a four-armed character due to the technical limitations and animation needs involved. The four-armed NPCs were a special case wherein we could make a few unique animations and costume pieces that didn’t need to be compatible with the rest of our assets.

Draogn_Marce -- Any chance to separate the skin patterns (tattoos, tiger stripes, or other decor) so we can use them regardless of what our chest options are? (Right now you are limited to what kind of shirt you can use with each or in the case of jackets, some options are simply not available such as the animal skins, with the exception of using tights as the filler, but that really isn't the same since there are no skin tones.)

A: We’ll investigate and make sure all of the skin pattern options are the same on the chest whether you wear armor, jackets, or other parts on top.

Rorschach: Is there plans to make an expansion set dealing with playing as a villain (like City of Villains)?

A: In the short-term we're still working on providing more hero-based content. From past experience in the genre, players mainly want to play the heroes, so that was always our focus for Champions Online. However, villain play is something we have always discussed as a possible gameplay expansion. All our prototype designs for villain play involve a different dynamic which deals with less directed gameplay and more sandbox-style gameplay: stealing the parts and kidnapping scientist to construct a death ray, rampaging through the city on a destructive spree, etc. A lot of the plots outlined in our Nemesis content provide good outlines for villain-based gameplay.

Reactor: Can we get random color check boxes for our powers? Can we get a color sequencer selection on powers. I might want to fade from one color to the next when firing. A spectral sequenced Heat Wave would look sweet. So would firey form.

A: Currently the focus is on creating more new FX. However, we can look into the possibility of adding a “choose random color per power activation” option or a color cross-fade option.

Reactor -- More glow options on everything...and different glow, arcane-glow, radiation-glow, chi-glow, willpower-glow, mind-glow?

A: Currently glow is restricted to certain color channels per costume piece, so it tends to work best on armor, goggles, and so on, where there is an appropriate part of the texture that would logically glow. Going forward, we are trying to include regions for glow on as many costume sets as possible.

Creating different styles for glow is more difficult. We would like to experiment with costume FX or auras sometime in the future, which would allow more thematic looks or styles. However, we are investigating how best to make this happen with regard to performance.

Segma: Is a tattoo/facial marking system at all planned to make it into Champions Online?

A: While we do have a number of tattoo or facial customization textures available, at this time we do not have plans for a more complex “place and rotate your tattoo” option, as this would fundamentally change the way our materials and textures work.

Loganius: Will we be getting more costume combinations (being able to use some of the shoulder pieces found in Skin and Tights with Chest Wear)?

A: We will investigate enabling more options for shoulder pads and accessories in multiple categories.

g33kcub: Where is the "Cosmic" power set? Shapeshifting, when is the power set coming, if at all?

A: Our current plans are to continue tweaking and balancing the existing power frameworks, but we have been discussing ideas for new power frameworks. Current discussions have been around expanding the Brick frameworks, possibly with a "Big Weapon" and/or "Earth Shaping" framework. No ETA on this yet.

Ellri: Are there any plans to add regular large enemy attacks on areas like Clarence or The Qulaar attacks from EA? These were ace (not the handling of them particularly, but the zone-wide 'call to arms'). Would love to see much more BIG zone-wide attacks requiring lots of heroes more regularly, rather than having to wait for Halloween or Xmas.

A: The big push content-side is to get more wide-ranging content rather than events, mainly because persistant content can be played at any time while events run in a restricted time frame. We've been talking about making the Blood Moon event run every full moon but we want to make sure we get all the necessary revisions in place first based on player feedback: multi-zone events take a lot of set-up work so making it run monthly means devoting a lot of prep time for it. Beyond Blood Moon it'll depend on whether players want to see more zone events like that or more persistant content - make your voice known!

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