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Ecrit par Coxie, le 21-10-2011

Un message posté hier par RoboBo sur le forum officiel nous annonce que le patch attendu pour cette semaine est repoussé. Si le nouvel arc de quêtes prévu pour Vibora Bay "Dead Man Walking" semble lui quasiment finalisé, il semblerait que les infos remontées du PTS concernant les 2 nouveaux archétypes attendus nécessite un certain travail de retouche.
L'équipe a donc décidé de repousser la sortie de cette maj qui ne remet pas en cause l'arrivée de l'évènement maintenant bien connu de tous les héros : Bloodmoon


Greetings Heroes!
I wanted to give you an update on the new Archetypes and new Vibora mission chain we have been working on over the past few weeks.
The new unarmed Archetypes "The Master" and "The Fist" need a little more time for internal testing and PTS feedback before they are ready for Prime Time. There has been a tremendous amount of feedback and we were able to respond by making these two new Archetypes even better. With the latest improvements we need to have some more time to test before they can go live.

Dead Man Walking - A new level 22 story arc set in Vibora Bay, is on PTS and is looking good. It needs some more time to polish the missions and improve the rewards but it is just about ready to go.

What does this all mean?
Our goal is always to bring you the best updates we can.
This extra time we are taking can only make the Unarmed AT's and new Vibora missions better. We will be finalizing the updates this week and will get everything out to you next week. It is going to be a pretty big week with the 2 new AT's, new missions, updated Bloodmoon event not to mention a lot of fun.

The Archetype Rotation Promotion is not affected and will be running. The Void will be the new Free AT Thursday morning. Be sure to hop in, play the Void and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Thanks for your time and understanding.
Now get out there and fight some Crime!!


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