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Le retour de Nighthawk

Ecrit par Coxie, le 17-06-2013

L'ancien super-héros devenu depuis un criminel notoire est de retour avec son évènement spécial. Pour vous faire une petite idée de ce qui vous attend, n'hésitez-pas à aller jeter un oeil sur la page réalisée lors de l'édition précédente. Page que vous pouvez trouver sur notre fansite.



The Nighthawk special event has returned! Earn bonus daily Questionite and unravel the mystery of this former Champion's return to Millennium City.

Nighthawk was once a member of the Champions, but now he's been seen at crime scenes, leading a gang of heavily-armed mercenaries and ravaging the city. The Nighthawk event is a mission tree that begins at Defender, in the Renaissance Center, and awards 2,000 Questionite.
Nighthawk and his gang have been seen at three different crime scenes, so keep an eye on the police scanner: if Nighthawk hits a new target, heroes will need to sprint there.


Gather circumstantial evidence from his gang outside each crime scene. Investigate the area nearby, and make sure to fan out – these mercenaries have spread out from the crime scenes. Find them, subdue them, and search them for evidence.

To get to the truth, though, heroes will also have to face Nighthawk himself at each of the three crime scenes. Each crime scene is an instance, and while it can be taken down by lone wolves, MCPD rates Nighthawk as extremely dangerous, and recommends heroes team up to take him down. With the evidence from each crime scene, the true villain will be revealed, and heroes will unlock a climactic five-man battle!

The Nighthawk special event will be available for a limited time. Make sure to take advantage of the daily Questionite before it rotates out!

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